Friday, October 24, 2008

A prayer request

For those of you who know Darrell and Sue Pittman, you will be interested in this information. The Pittmans had gone to Youth Challenge and today Darrell was going to go see his father in Corden, IN. On the way there about and hour away Darrell recieved a call telling him that his father had diedsuddenly. They don't really know what happened (at least at the time of his death) but figured maybe it was his heart. He had gone in to lay on the bed because he wasn't feeling very well and when his wife checked on him a little while later he was snoring. A few minutes later they found him dead.

Please keep the Pittman family in your prayers. Death is always a bitter pill to swallow but even more so when it happens so unexpectedly. As a result of this situation, Sue will not be home on Tuesday to take over the Post Office so I will be in there through the all of next week. I don't get to blog as much when I'm working but I'll catch you up on what's going on around here when I can.

Thanks for your prayers. As soon as I know some details I will post them for those who are interested. God bless.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life as we know it (in our household anyway)

It has been a long but fun week here in our little neck of the woods. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures to post right now so you'll just have to take my word for I have been training since last Thursday in the Post Office here on the college campus. My sister Sue is the Postmistress and she needed a backup to take her place when she would be gone. Since I'm not working and could spare the time, Sue asked me to take the job. The funny thing was we couldn't seem to get the board of the college to agree. They have funny ideas I'm here to tell ya!! They tried a couple of other people who didn't work out and finally when it came down to being an absolute necessity, they allowed me to do the job. Sue was leaving for Youth Challenge with her family and there was no replacement for the PO. She told me that she had prayed for God to work out a way for me to be in the PO for her. I think she was really sounding panicky because the Lord worked it out for me to train. I will be in there through Monday and then she will be back for Tuesday. I won't be in there for a while unless she is swamped and needs me. My next time scheduled is Christmas. We are staying here for Christmas this year and Tom's family will be here so I am able to help Sue out again while she goes North to her husband's family.

I really like the job. I was surprised at how quickly I picked up on the routine of the job. There are 333 boxes (which is nothing compared the the big PO) but I had to learn the names and corresponding numbers in a big hurry. That's a lot to put into such a small brain in that short of a time. I thank the Lord for helping me to learn as quickly as I did. Sue was bragging on me to her friends and our family. Kind of made my head swell. Not really. It really is not that hard and it is repetitive. That helps tremendously when you are looking up a name.

After I have gone in at 8:30 a.m. I sort all of the mail that has been put into the inbox. I get it all delivered to the correct box and then get any mail needing postage ready to go. About 9:15 I go to the big PO in Hobe Sound to pick up the mail. All of the mail (or the majority of it) goes into the big PO and then they sort it and have it ready for us to pick it up. This saves our Mail Carrier a lot of time. He doesn't have to deliver the mail himself to outside boxes.

Once I have delivered the mail to go out and collected the mail to go with me, I then check the box that we have rented there. Sometimes it's full and other times it's empty. I bring all of this mail back to our little PO and the sorting begins. Sometimes I may have 4-5 containers of mail and other times I may only have 2.

We have 4 sections of boxes. Mostly college students, faculty, staff and some of the older residents of campus are in the first section. When I say "older" I do not mean age. I mean all of the residents that have been here longer.The second section is college students and the third and fourth sections are campus residents and some staff. The church also gets their mail from us. We have about 12 larger boxes in the hallway for large packages. Since we only operate until 1:15 p.m. it's easier for people to get their large packages if they are in the outside box after we are closed. They then drop the key to the box back into the inbox and we get it the next day. They are able to enjoy their package without having to wait until the next day to get it.

To sort all of the mail I sit down at my desk and I start with the first class mail. Since I have 4 sections I have to separate the mail according to name and section. I have 4 piles when I'm done and then I can start putting the mail into the boxes. Sometimes I get the wrong mail in the wrong box. Hey I'm not perfect, only striving to be...heeheehee. Names can be really confusing when several people have the same first or middle name.

Then today just as I was closing up, the college Development office came in with a box of envelope's to be sent out. There were 238 of them. I of course did not have that many stamps in my drawer so tomorrow I get to take them all the the big PO and put 238 stamps on them while I am there. YEAH!!

All in all I like the job. I hope I can keep it as organized as Sue does. It's fun to visit with all of the students and staff and see my neighbors when they come to get their mail. It's a joy to see the excitement of a college student, who is so far from home, get a box full of goodies from their families. They get so homesick being so far from their families.

The best thing about doing this job is that Tricia is in school so I don't have to leave her at home with a sitter, and Katie loves to go to "brammas" to visit. When I go home my house is as clean as it was when I left. So I'm not stressed out all evening. That's a very good thing!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Where do I start. This has been a long and exhausting week. My head is spinning. Life has really become a whirlwind affair. One things for sure...I haven't had time to be bored. LOL!! I guess I will just highlight the main events of this week. You can guess the rest.

I think I told you in an earlier post that Tom left about 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning. He was supposed to be home by Thursday evening. Due to some conflicts with a worker his job was set back a half a day or more. As a result he needed to stay over for today to finish up. Then another job started having problems so Tom stayed up all night fixing their problem. He called me tonight to tell me he wouldn't be home until Saturday. I felt so bad for him because he works so hard trying to get his jobs done well and on time. I think the employee is not longer an employee. That's pretty bad when you get hired one week and fired the next.

On Wednesday my sister called me to tell me that I was to start training in the campus Post Office. This decision had been up in the air for quite some time and the other "candidates" just were not working out. Sue is to leave next Thursday for Youth Challenge and as yet no one had been selected to take her place. When she called me I was really surprised. I didn't think that I was going to get the chance to help her. She was desperate and called the gentleman in charge. He told her to call me and get my training started. Sue told me that she has prayed all of this time that things would work out for me to be her backup. I guess God will answer prayer in His own time even though we worry and are impatient. So I am working in the PO until Sue returns from her trip then I will not be back in there until Christmas. I will have to **small brain, very small brain**

I took the girls to McDonald's on Tuesday night. Since school has started Tricia doesn't get to eat out much. I felt I couldn't spend a lot of money so we did the kids meals at McD's. While we were ordering our food we found circus tickets on the counter. They are for October 27th with two shows. One is at 5:00 and one at 7:00. I told Tricia that I didn't know if daddy would be willing to go again. We went a couple of years ago and were very disappointed. NO ELEPHANTS!! That's what makes a circus. But this circus says there are elephants. So we will wait for daddy to decide if he wants to go again. The girls are free with the tickets and one adult purchase. It works out pretty good because we only pay for two tickets instead of three.

I was so disappointed tonight because it was the first night of the Marriage Seminar at the church and Tom has to work. We had signed up to go but without him I feel like a fifth wheel with all of the couples there and me all by myself. We were so looking forward to this time of learning. Usually these seminars are done away from the church and you have to go and stay if you want to be involved. We were so excited because we wouldn't have to leave the girls with a sitter and be gone for two nights. And then Tom's job had to mess up. He was as disappointed as I was. We are going to do our best to be in the Sunday morning services. At least we will get to hear the speaker once. We are looking forward to Sunday morning.

I approached Seabreeze Community about trick or treat night. I have lived here almost five years and we have never had trick/treat in our community. The kids always went to another community for that night. I wanted my girls to trick/treat in their own neighborhood because it is a Christian community as well as a safe and controlled environment. I was really overwhelmed when I found out that we had a unanimous yes for trick/treat night. I have had a few people call me to say they will be involved. Not as many as I had hoped for but we still have a couple weeks. Some of the church families who live off campus will be coming in for a trunk or treat party too. They will park in the commons and open their car trunks to pass out candy. The kids will have a blast. And their candy will be safe. That's the main thing.

We went out to eat on Thursday night with my sister's Sue and Brenda. Mom came with us. While we were eating Katie was getting into Sue's salad. She was putting her lettuce in the Ranch dressing dish and then licking it off of the lettuce. After a couple of times she put her little face up in the air and said "AAHHHH this is good" to which we all heehawed. I'm sure the other people in there thought we were crazy. My girls are not quiet girls. When they say something usually everyone hears it. Sometimes that is so embarrassing. We had a good laugh and enjoyed our dinner. On the way to the restaurant, Tricia kept talking to her imaginary friend Kaylee. She has had this "friend" for about a year now. She is forever talking to her. On the way to eat I finally had to ask her to stop. She was giving me a headache. I told her to stop talking to Kaylee for a while or she and Kaylee were going to get into trouble. All of a sudden I hear Patricia say "Patricia." And then she says "what Kaylee. I can't talk to you I'll get into trouble." I had to hide behind my laughter because it was so funny. At least she was informing "Kaylee" of pending trouble if she didn't stop talking.

I must bring this to a close. My girls are tucked into bed and I think I'm going to do the same. YAWN!! I'm tired. Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment or two. I love to read them. Blessings!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did you ever wonder??

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in another era? I guess the era I would have loved to be apart of would be the middle to late 1800's. When the West was wild and you traveled in a wagon to get where you needed to go. The Indians were on the rampage and the gunslingers were ready to shoot anyone who crossed their path. I have always been intrigued with books/movies that opened up that era to me. But I digress.

A friend of mine found a website that would take you back to 1950 and you can see what you would have looked like at that time. I thought it was funny so I tried it on myself. Now I realize, dear readers, that some of you have indeed lived in the 1950's up to now and maybe this is not what you looked like during those years. Humor me. I wanted to show you what a beautiful woman I would have been...heeheehee. (you might not want to see these while eating breakfast)




Now didn't I tell you that they were beautiful? LOL!! Check out this website and try it for yourself.

Have fun.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thanks to those of you who tried to identify my bug. I went on the Internet and found it. It is a Twostriped Walking Stick and it is a member of the palmetto family. They eat green leafy plants such as rose bushes. They are always in pairs - male and female. Isn't that ironic!! Even the animals and insects know the right way to live. They also have a white milky secretion that comes out of the thorax area when they are preyed upon. Otherwise a very harmless bug.

Thanks again for your comments and helping my to figure out my visitor.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We had a visitor on Saturday

While I am not squeamish or fearful of small bugs or spiders, I do have a problem with the bigger ones. This one in particular gave me the chills. He/she was perched on the wall beside of the back door where I was going in and out of the house. When I saw him/her I was a little annoyed that "it" decided to perch itself right in the path that would take me past it. The girls wanted to play in the pool and of course I was forever running in and out of the house ducking as I went by this thing praying it wouldn't like jump out on me. I was more worried that it might dart into my house unseen by me and be found in my bed. The funny thing was I thought it had a stinger the length of it's body until my wiser and smarter sister corrected me. There were two of them stacked together. We won't go into any details as to what they may or may not have been doing, but suffice it to say I was really glad I wasn't seeing a 3in. stinger. Does anyone know what this is?????

It finally disappeared sometime that afternoon and we haven't seen it since. I pray that it is now in buggy heaven and won't be back to haunt me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kitchen Komments

While I am not Martha Stuart, I can tell you that I am a fairly decent cook. Thanks to a mother who knows how to cook, I fair pretty well in the kitchen. Now trying to figure out what I want to cook is a whole different ballpark. I get really bored some days with cooking. Trying to come up with just the right meal that the girls will like, Tom won't complain it is too "heavy" and I feel will be the best benefit to my family is not always easy. We all have different tastes that are unique to our bodies and what I like Tom may not like. Of course the girls would rather have junk!! Since I do try to keep the "junk food binges" to a minimum, I have to find the right food to satisfy their appetites too.

Tricia is my hardest child to feed. From the time she was born, she would vomit her food out. At one point all she had to do was smell something. She would look at a bowl of cereal and just start gagging. She wasn't sick so much as she did not like the different textures of food. To this day she won't eat bread. This makes it really hard to find food she can pack in her lunch for school. Now she doesn't have quite the problem. I can't tell you the last time she gagged on something that was on a plate. But she still doesn't eat a big variety of food. We just try to make sure that there is something on her plate that she likes and encourage her to eat something she has never tried or may not like. It is a struggle.

Katie on the other hand is a little garbage She loves food. She will eat any kind of fruit, loves bread and butter which she calls "buddies" and eats most any vegetable you give her. She doesn't care much for meat but she probably will outgrow that someday. She is not hard to feed at all. I just have to be careful as she grows older that she doesn't get hooked on starchy foods and foods with a lot of fat in them.

That being said, I thought I would post a couple of our favorite recipes for you to try. They are simple and easy to do and don't take a lot of ingredients. I love casseroles because it's all in one dish and you don't have so much to clean up after your done. One of these is a casserole and the other is like a soup. So here they are.

Potato Sausage Casserole
1 pound bulk pork sausage
1 can (10-3/4 ounces) condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3 cups sliced peeled raw potatoes
2 cups(8 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese
Chopped fresh parsley, optional
Brown sausage; drain and set aside.
Combine soup, milk, onion, shalt and pepper.
In a greased 2-qt. casserole, layer half of the potatoes,
half of the soup mixture and half of the sausage.
Repeat, ending with sausage.
Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until potatoes
are tender. Sprinkle with cheese; return to oven, uncovered, for
2 to 3 minutes or until the cheese melts. Garnish with parsley if desired.
Yield: 6 servings
We add buttered bread to this and make it a meal. It is so good and it works with hot or mild sausage. It's whichever you prefer.
Sausage Potato Soup
One or two rolls of polish sausage (depending on how many you want to feed)
6 potatoes peeled and diced
Cabbage (however much you desire)
1 stick of butter
Salt and Pepper to taste
Put potatoes, sausage (cut into small chunks), butter and
salt and pepper into a medium pot. Bring to a boil and let cook for about 8 minutes. Add cabbage as desired and cook until all vegetables are tender. You can add carrots if you want to but they take a little longer to cook. Add some buttered bread or crackers.
Hope you enjoy. Bonn appetite!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chocolate and a lot of laughs

It's always a privilege to get together with Christian lady's who share the same values and concerns as you do. Last night was our first Women of Worth meeting of the season. The theme was "Friends and Chocolate." We had a great turnout and the best little chocolate desserts. Here's a highlight of the evening.

1. We had a silent Auction. I took some little pictures for the bathroom with teddy bears and they sold. I bid on several items but I only won one of them - a puzzle for Tricia.

2. We did our annual Secret Pal sign up. This is the first time I have been involved with SP here. I had done it several times at other Church's and I'm really looking forward to it with this church.

3. We also had the opportunity to sign up for a ministry. There were several listed and I signed up for three -Secret Pal, Sunshine Baskets and Dorm Refreshments. I'm going to be

4. We were also asked to pick a time for a 15min prayer time for our Nation and the upcoming elections. I chose a time to pray but I may have to do it on the run chasing It's the effort that counts, right???

5. Mrs. Mary Duren had a wonderful devotion about how our lives should be a sweet savor to God. Her devotional was so encouraging.

6. And last but definitely not least, we had the CHOCOLATES!! I love chocolate!! I have some pictures so you can see how delicious they looked and I can tell you they were scrumptious.

The fellowship was so encouraging. Tom and I have been here for going on five years and we are just now feeling like we actually belong. Sometimes in a church this size it's hard to get to know everyone. We are slowly getting to know more people. That is a blessing.

There were several ladies who sat at our table. Here are some pictures.

Brenda Robinson, Sue Pittman,Cindy Cox and Cheryl LeBeu

Tammy Joslin, Eileen Gerard and Tiffany Peters
Gale Wheatcraft, Brenda Robinson and Sue Pittman. Sisters enjoying chocolate.
Some of the decorations.

Now for the chocolates...

Peanut Butter Reese Cups

Chocolate Cupcakes with a strawberry on top drizzled with chocolate sauce

These were cupcakes and I don't remember what kind. They were delicious.

These were brownies with a raspberry sauce drizzled on them.

The decorations were done by Bev Waits. She always does a wonderful job. Talitha Bolsum made all of the chocolate treats. Very talented.

We had a wonderful time and nobody counted calories. Isn't that fantastic?? We just enjoyed the fellowship with our friends and ate lots of chocolate!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Admiring God's handiwork

I was up at the crack of dawn (not literally) getting Tricia ready for school and I glanced out the kitchen window to see this....

I ran to the bedroom for my housecoat and camera so I could capture this scene. This is the sunrise coming up over the ocean. How can anyone claim that there is no God. Only an Omnipotent power could create something so breathtaking.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Those special moments

I'm always amazed when I see a small child experience the joy of a "first." It doesn't matter if it's something simple like the smell of a flower of something really big like Niagara Falls. The reaction is still the same - wonder, amazement, excitement. Such was the case with Katie.

My friend Tiffany had stopped in to use my computer and she had her MP3 with her. We don't have an MP3 player and don't have a need for those tiny little earphones that come with it. Katie had played with my headset that I use with the computer but they are big and she had never had them on with a sound coming from them. She started playing with Tiff's earphones and so Tiffany turned on her music and put the earphone in Katie's ear. Her brown eyes got as big as a silver dollar. She was so amazed that she was hearing music from those tiny little ear phones. I had to capture the moment to show to all of you. Tiffany had some children's songs downloaded on it for her little girl and Katie had a blast listening to them sing. I thought it was so cute and wanted to share with you. What do you think??