Friday, August 27, 2010

Reading, writing, and arithmatic!!!

Tricia is loving second grade She hardly complains because she has to get up early to go to school. That in itself is a blessing. Who wants to dress a cranky child??? I'm often amazed at how much she has changed since last year. She is so excited to start the reading program again. She really enjoyed it last year. She goes after class on M,W,& F until about 5 p.m. and does all her reading and homework. It gives me a break plus she gets to go to the park and play if there's time. I'm just glad the first week is past and our schedule has been reestablished. Next week will hopefully go a lot smoother.

I'm house sitting this week taking care of two dogs and a cat. I had pictures on here of the animals before but since then one dog died and a new dog is now there. They are both golden retrievers and so they are very gentle natured dogs. My girls love to walk them as long as they don't have to pick up!!! That unfortunately is mommies!! We like staying at this house because it's so big compared to our little house and there's a huge bathtub for the girls to play in with jets in it. They have a blast "swimming" in the tub. They make quite a mess for mommy but that's ok. :):)

We started cleaning at the school to help pay tuition. That has been a challenge. Trying to find the right time for everyone in the family is sometimes a pain. Last night we went after supper and it seemed to work better. We are cleaning 9 classrooms and 8 bathrooms. Its a lot of work but with Tom and I working together it is going faster. Tricia is the trash lady and she does a good job. Katie just kind of hangs out and makes us all!!

Toms parents will be here over labor day and we are excited to see them. Especially the girls. They love to go visit G&G in Ohio and we haven't been since Christmas. It will be nice to have them visit. We plan to go up for Thanksgiving. We're excited about that too.

One thing is for sure, God is good and He is good all the time!! He has never failed us and we are trusting Him for our future. It's so good to know that we have a heavenly Father who watches out for us and loves us so much. I'm glad I'm His and He is mine!! God bless and thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment. I love to read them. :):)

Monday, August 23, 2010

School is in session!!!

First day of school today and it began so nice. Tricia woke right up and sat up in bed all shaky so I made her lay back down for a few minutes to get fully!!! She was so excited she couldn't hardly sit still. Hope the rest of the year goes the same. She is in second grade this year. She was so excited to see her friends and catch up on all the news.

Her back pack was all ready to go last night.We decided to go over to grandma's and say hello before going to school. Katie spent the night at grandma's so I could concentrate on getting Tricia ready. I just can't hardly believe she is old enough to be in second grade. My Katie will go next fall. That will really seem weird.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

An update for you

Hello to all my friends. I know, I know, this is the “lazy mans” way of writing letters but I’m too tired to hand write it so here it is. I thought it was time to say hello and update everyone on all the news from our end of the good ol’ USA!!

We do have some hot weather going on down here in FL but then I think it’s hot everywhere these days. We just had a little storm pass by us and thank God it didn’t cause any damage to us. We sure would have liked to had more rain with it but God knows what we need. I’m sure that the southern part of FL and the Caribbean Islands got plenty of rain. One thing about these storms, even if they are below us or above us, we tend to get some great breezes. That makes our evenings fantastic for bike rides and walks.

Summer has been slow here. My work has slowed down considerably and so I have been able to spend a lot of time with my girls. We have been to the beach several times but we haven’t really gone anywhere. It’s nice to just relax and spend time at home for a change. The girls get so hot when they are outside and Katie isn’t out long til she’s right back inside. She is like her mother. We are homebodies and like to be indoors.

Tricia has started piano lessons. She has had 4 now and I’m really impressed at how well she is doing. She hollers she doesn’t want to do it but I have been encouraging her all the way. She can do it and I’m sure she will one day thank me for making her focus and learn to play. She is also doing very well singing and has decided that she wants to do some voice lessons. This thrills me so much. I thank God daily for the opportunities that He is sending our way. I keep telling her how honored God is to see her using her talents for Him.

Katie is growing and getting more “smarty pants” everyday. She will be 4 in December and we are still contemplating putting her in PreK. I’m not wanting to rush her but yet she really wants to go. I guess we will see how mature she is when that time comes. I think it’s the phenomenon of going and not the work that is involved.JJ Katie recently was dog bit on the left side of her face. We were so scared because her eye was scratched. The dog didn’t clamp down on her face; he kind of snapped and raked his teeth down her face. She was swollen and bruised and two places were bleeding. We took her to the ER and they checked her eye good and cleaned the cuts. She is pretty well healed up now and doesn’t look like she will have any scarring. We just thank God for His hand of protection on her. It could have been much worse.

Tom is doing good. He joined a gym in town and is really interested in working out and getting into shape. Since switching jobs he is not nearly as active as he used to be and I think it’s catching up with him. He’s getting a little pudgy around the middle…lol!! He thinks the world is falling apart. I told him I love him pudgy but he won’t hear it.

I’m not sure how I am. I’m wishing I had more work and yet dreading when Fall gets here and I actually do get more work. We have taken on the cleaning job with the school to pay tuition. It will be about 25 hours a week. We wanted to do it because when Katie starts it will be a big chunk of money to send them both. Since this is why we came we have to work hard to make it happen. Tom is going to help in the evenings and I think with all of us we can get it done in half the time. It’s not hard work we just can’t get in there until after school is out.

We still live at 9085 SE Morning Street, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 if you want to drop us a letter or post card. The girls love to get mail. Every once in a while I send them a letter. They get so excited when they see their name on the envelope.

Buddy is still with us. Hair and all!! He is so adorable. The girls love him so much. Katie is not a bit scared of him after her dog bite scare. She still hangs all over Buddy and lays on him. He is so gentle with the girls and they love him a lot. We have taught them that teasing him is bad and they get into trouble if they start to. He is a good dog and really is protective when he is in the yard. It’s so funny how he just runs to everyone like a lumbering elephant and gives them kisses. Everyone backs up a few feet when he comes towards them…lol!! I guess they think because he’s big and black that he’s mean. It’s quite the opposite.

Well, I guess I will close this letter by saying that we still serve a wonderful Savior who has answered so many prayers and worked so many miracles in our lives in just the past few weeks. One of these days I’ll write and list all the prayers He as answered for us. I’m so thankful that I have Him to turn to and I know that He hears and answers prayer!!!

Take care and write to us soon. We love you all!!! God bless and keep you!!!

Love, Tom, Gale, Tricia, Katie and Buddy!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why does He love me so????

Have you ever wondered why things happen??? Why this door closed and that window opened??? Why we have to get sick or why our loved ones have to leave us??

We have so many why's in our life and it's only natural since we are human. Sometimes the questions in our minds can be so overwhelming and we just feel like we cannot hold on.

Jesus said that if we will hold to his hand he will lead us and guide us. He also promised that one day we would "understand it better by and by." Now we see through a glass that is dark, but one day we would see through that glass clearly.

I don't know when that day will come for me and I am one of those people who have so many questions. I am just trying to hold on to the promises in His Word. There are a lot of things that I don't understand and probably will never understand, but the assurance that He will one day give me the understanding I need is healing to my heart and soul.

We recently had to do a lot of repairs to our vehicle. We don't know why this vehicle had to have all the problems it had all at one time but it did. We had no idea where the money was going to come from to repair it. But God did!!!

Our neighbor friends had a truck that was wrecked under very serious circumstances. They were devastated over the truck but were left with nothing but to try to start over with something else. God gave them a little money and they bought another truck which needed some repairs. To make a long story short, they were able to tare down the wrecked truck using the parts to fix the "new" truck. Now the "new" truck runs well and they aren't out a lot of money to fix it. Do you think God might have been looking out for their future???

Not only was He watching out for them, he was watching out for us as well. Our vehicle as I said above was having a total breakdown. We ended up having to replace not only the head gaskets, but the engine heads as well. Would you know that the engine heads were about $500.00 or more but our neighbors had the engine heads from the wrecked truck that they didn't need and they fit our vehicle perfectly!! We only had to pay a fraction of the cost. Not only did they have the engine heads but there was also a cruise control motor that we needed. Another big expense for about $25.00.

Not too many days after the vehicle was back to running we noticed that it didn't want to start. Oh no!! Another problem with this vehicle. Too much!! But, guess what??? That wrecked truck again saved us a lot of money. The starter from that truck fit our vehicle perfectly again and we fixed the starter in about half an hour. It starts perfectly.

We questioned why this had to happen. We didn't have any money to repair our vehicle. Why would God allow all of this to happen to us and all at one time???? Why couldn't we have had one problem at a time???

Questions needing answers. As humans we want to know right now but as children of God we know that He will answer those questions in His own time. We just need to hold on to His hand and trust and believe that someday we will understand.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

By the by....

We are ever pressing on!!!! That's the best way to say it!! School is winding down - just 3 days left. I am so happy to see the school year come to a close and summer to begin. I'm looking forward to no alarm clocks and sleeping in. School does keep us on a schedule, but it's nice to get to relax from the hectic to the laid back slow times.

We are minus a car tonight. Tom sold his beautiful camaro.

Now I don't have a sharp cool car to cruise around Tom loved that car but we just couldn't afford to keep it and make payments on his new bike too. I'll have to get some pictures of the bike to show all of you. I'm not happy with the bike at all but he likes it. I just have to pray everyday that God will watch over him and protect him.

The girls are so excited for we are going camping this weekend. They loved it the last time we went (in spite of mommies misery) rain and all. There is a 20% chance in the forecast for rain but hopefully this time we have a tent that won't leak. I am dreading this little trip.

Here are some Easter pictures of the girls. One of them was taken with my Mom. Buddy is doing well. That dog drives me crazy. He is shedding so bad I have to sweep daily to keep it all up. I guess with summer coming on he has to shed some of the heavy coat he is wearing. Just wish he would shed somewhere!! ***sigh***

I've been trying to do some letter writing. I heard from a postal employee/friend that they are proposing to only be open four days a week with no delivery on Saturdays. The amount of mail being sent is so much less than in years gone by because of texting, emailing, etc. So I have been trying to write more letters the old fashioned way. You would not believe the response I get from people who never receive letters in the mail. It's almost outdated. And yet the recipient is so thankful to get a letter that they almost cherish it. I know when we receive cards during the holidays or on our birthdays, I am so excited to see them. Who would have thought technology would wipe out the post office???

It's been really warm the last few days. I let the girls play in the sprinklers today. They had fun. I was too tired to go to the beach. It's a lot of work getting everything gathered up to go when you have little kids who can't do a whole lot. Still, we will probably go before the weeks out. At least you don't sweat while you're at the!!

Well, enough said. We are pressing on!!! God is still in control and He is taking care of us!!! Keep on loving Jesus and smiling!!! :):)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some pictures from the Mother Daughter Banquet

These were taken at the Mother Daughter Banquet tonight. I don't know what happened but I didn't take any pictures with the girls. Crazy I know!!

Busy Days!!

Today has been one of those days when time just would not stand still!! We started out the morning moving my mom to her new place. She was in a two bedroom house and she moved to a one bedroom trailer. We didn't have any help but a dolly and we were thankful for that. It sure helped with the lifting of the heavy appliances. Anyway, she is moved all but some small stuff and plans to spend her first night there tonight. Hope she sleeps well.

Tonight was our annual Mother/Daughter Banquet with our church. I was privileged to sit with my baby sister Brenda, Mom and my two girls. We really enjoyed our meal and the program that our very capable leader Mrs. Vernon provided. It was a fantastic evening and I for one came away stuffed both physically and spiritually.

Tom was supposed to go to town with a friend and eat and get me a gift for Mother's Day but when we came home he was still here. I guess his friend got tied up and couldn't go so Tom left and took Tricia with him. Moral support I!! She was eager to shop with him. I'll see them about!! Like father like daughter...something like that!!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I want to wish everyone a blessed Mother's Day!! We are the caretaker of the children God has so graciously given to us. We are responsible as mother's to raise and train them to be vessels of honor for God. What an awesome responsibility it is to be a Mother. Not only to train them spiritually, but to train them socially, economically and how to be proper young men and women. It's with honor that I train and raise my girls for God. Sometimes I fail and I am not a perfect mother, but I strive daily to be the best example that I can be. That is what God expects from us and if we do our best, all the other aspects of being a mother will fall into place.

Well, I still have floors to mop so I had better close this!! I'm wishing all of you Mother's a wonderful day tomorrow and the days to follow!! Enjoy your day and for heavens sake let someone pamper you!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happenings and such...

WOW!! Time surely does fly when you are busy!! The school year is about to wind down. We have three more weeks to go and then it's relaxing time. I'm looking forward to it and so is Tricia. I'll be glad to turn off the alarm and sleep in for a while. Once school is out we are going to be house sitting for a lady I clean for. They are taking a trip to Italy and we are going to stay in their home and take care of the cat and dog. The girls are all excited about doing this. They love to play with Nelson who is a two yr. old Golden Retriever. He is a lot of fun and the cat is hilarious. We enjoy taking care of them and just relaxing in the air conditioning.

Tricia has been on the A honor roll for the last two quarters. I am so proud of her. She is doing so good with her school work. She is now about 4' 3" tall and weighs about 80 pounds. She is going to be really tall!! She takes this after her dad who is 6'2". I'm just a!! Tricia is the tallest child in her class by far. She gets to do a lot of errands and such for her teacher. She really enjoys the trust and attention Mrs. Brown shows her. Mrs. Brown is a great teacher!! I can now ask her to do some things in the house and can trust her to do them. She is a big help to mommy!!

Katie is getting so big!! I look at her and wonder where my little baby girl went too. She wants to go to school with Tricia and is waiting (if a little impatiently) for her turn to go too. I keep telling her that she has to stay with mommy for another year but she is ready to go now. She is forever singing and talking. She carries on conversations with herself all the time. Drives you!! She is my computer child. She is always asking to play games on the computer and many times I've found her at the keyboard just pushing the keys. I may have a genius on my hands and just don't know!!!

Tom and I are doing well. We just celebrated 9 years of marriage. We went to dinner and to Wal-Mart to celebrate the!! Exciting right??? Tom has moved to a different department at work. He is only working about 50 hours a week now instead of 60-70 and so we get to spend more time with him than before. He just recently bought a yellow motorcycle. He bragged to me today about filling up the gas tank for $11.00. HA!!! He has a really cool helmet and I'm always on to him to wear it. He obeys me pretty!!

I have been house cleaning on the island and for a couple people here in town. It's hard work but the pay is great. I'm only gone for about 4-5 hours in the morning so I'm home to spend the afternoon and evening with the girls. I don't mind the work so much but my house does get neglected somewhat. We don't mind though. We aren't too picky. I have made some new friends lately. One of my friends, Cheryl, has been bike riding with me in the evenings. I love to visit with her. She is such a sweet lady.

God has been good to us and we are so grateful for His many blessings and all the provisions He has made for us. We have seen some beautiful people pass away in the past few months and go to be with Jesus. It has just made us want to live all the closer to God so that we can see them again. That is one blessed assurance that will never change. If we will humble ourselves before the Lord and love and serve Him we have the hope of heaven one day!! Exciting!!!

Here is a couple pictures from Easter of the girls. Take care and God bless til next time!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Here are some random pictures taken over the last couple of months. I haven't had time to post any pictures before now and the girls are growing up so fast.

Christmas at Darrell and Sue's in Cincy.

Opening gifts at our house.

Katie was keeping her eye on those cookies. She is my sweet eater.

Katie turned three on December 26th. We had her a party. She wanted Dora. My friend Tiffany made her cake.

This picture was taken at Christmas with their great-grandma Neoma Wheatcraft. She was so excited to see them. We hadn't seen Grandma Wheatcraft for about two years.

We went to the Thanksgiving Banquet.
Me heading to the banquet.
The girls were so excited to go too.
Tricia after she "restyled" her!!!
We are having a wonderful time with our little family. We are so blessed!! Tricia was on the A honor roll this quarter. We are so proud of her. She gets all her smarts from!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Believe it or not, we are still alive. Things have been really busy here in the gorgeous south. Camp has started and this weekend was the 50th anniversary for the college. Lot's of people are here right now. It's great to see lots of friends that only come around this time.

The girls are growing up and I'm sad over that. They will be out and gone before we know it. We are having a blast with them and are so thankful for God allowing us the privilege to raise them. Buddy is still here and the girls still love him. I'd find him a home if I could. The dog hair can be too much at times. But I!!!!

Hoping to see some of you this next week during camp. It's a great time to visit Florida.

Take care and remember that God is still in control. He has never failed us and we are trusting in Him. God bless!!!!