Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tea Party

Tricia wanted to have a tea party at our house. So last Thursday we invited five girls to come for tea. As it turned out only four were able to come becuase she had cousins come in at the last minute and wanted to spend time with them. The other four girls came however and had a wonderful time.

I wanted things to be as fancy as I could make them without spending a bundle. I couldn't find a tea set without paying a lot of money for it so I opted for clear plastic plates which looked like china and some clear plastic cups. We put a white table cloth on the table and set it with candles. We bought some fancy napkins and I made name tags for each place. We had everything set when the girls arrived. Since Tricia doesn't like bread I had to think of some things for her to eat as well as accomodate her guests. I made little pbj sandwiches along with cheezits, cheese cubes, crackers and pickles. The girls thought that was great!! I had to laugh. We would expect fancy cookies and cakes and little tea sandwiches out of fancy meat. They didn't care. It was just the fun of being there.

After we had our refreshments the girls played in the play room while I cleaned up. Then I called them back into the kitchen where we made princess crowns with their names on them. They had fun making the crowns and I had an opportunity to remind them that they are special to their families and they are God's little princesses. They did a great job on their crowns. Each girl had a different idea and it was fun seeing the amazing talents of each child.

I put on some music for them to listen to. Veggie Tales and a c/d I had bought for Tricia when she was little that played nursery rhymes with quite a nice beat. They had fun dancing around in the living room with their crowns on. When I had the craft cleared away I called them back to the table again for ice cream sundaes and cookies. While they enjoyed their treat I read them two stories.

The girls had a wonderful time and Tricia was so happy to have all of her friends come and play with her. We are looking forward to having another party soon. I just have to come up with a fun theme.

None of the pictures are in order but you can see what fun the girls had.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's HOT!!

We are really having some warm days here. I am not an outdoor kind of person anyway and this heat only makes me want to stay indoors more. We are trying to do the beach thing to stay cool. The girls have a blast swimming. I'm not much of a swimmer myself. It will be nice to see October and November come and hopefully some cooler weather with it.

Not much going on around here. Just lazy summer days. Looking forward to a Tea Party tomorrow. Really excited about July 4th and the middle of summer. Not much else.

Just letting you know that we are still alive and serving Jesus. Hopefully something exciting will come along and I can tell you all about it.