Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Gordeuk's message in a!!

This past Wednesday night and tonight Dr. Gordeuk was the speaker. He is always so interesting because he is very knowledgeable about the political and religious issues in America today. His topic was concerning our families and are we sending them to "Egypt" to learn the heathen ways. Last Wed. he started a story about the yellow school bus that pulls up to the Israelite home with the words on the side "Egyptian Public Schools #666." Then Dr. Gordeuk began to speak about our Christian homes and have we sent our children to "Egypt" to be educated and trained. He said that next door to this Israelite family lived a family who sent their children to the Synagogue to study the Torah. These children grew up knowing the Bible but because of the "Egyptian" influences in their home strayed far from God and lost out.

He then made these points (I'm not sure I will get all of it)

We can send our children to church every time the door is open.
We can send them to a Christian School all of their lives.

But...if we do not teach them at home about God and His ways, then we as families are failing our children. They are in church only a few hours each week. The majority of the time they are in school and home. If we do not reiterate the teachings of the church/school while our children are at home, then we have failed. Then he pointed out the ways that "Egypt" has entered our home.

1. Through the media we allow our children to see. He commented on the VCR and are we controlling what is being viewed on it.

2. Through the literature that lies around that our children see. He brought out an interesting point here concerning boys in the home. He said that it doesn't have to be "bad" magazines to wet a boys appetite for the sexual things of life. Just lay around a mag of women mostly naked for them to see.

3. Through the attitudes and actions we show them.

He also talked about the story in the OT where the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan river and when then got to the other side they began to build a monument to God. This is where we were and this is where we are now. This is an obstacle I overcame and I'm placing this stone here to represent that I do not want to face that obstacle again. Reminders that our children can go to and ask "What is that for" and we can tell them it was victories we have won.

Then he cautioned parents about devotions in the home. I must admit, I don't do as well as I should. Dr. Gordeuk talked about the importance of reading and praying with our children and discussing the principles found in God's word. He called it "laying the foundation" for our children to build on.

I'm sure there was much more said and I can't remember everything but this is the basics. WOW!!!

I have to do better!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Women of Worth

Tonight was our very first WOW meeting for the season. It was a very special time with an emphasis on friendship. We had our table full of some very fine ladies and we had a wonderful time talking and laughing. The food was really good. Once again the cooks outdid themselves. After refreshments we had a game and then one of our ladies spoke on her best friend which was her mother. She gave her two gifts one of which was a crown. It was so sweet. Then we exchanged our Secret Pal papers and ended with a special time of prayer around each table. I think this WOW group is going to be a very special group this year.

Now for some pictures!!!

The refreshments were very good. This table had lifesavers all over it with little friendship quotes. Very cute!!

Some of the beautiful decorations.
The wonderful ladies that sat at our table.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

God's protecting hands

Every morning before Tricia goes out the door for school, we get in a little huddle and have prayer. It's so cute because Katie wants to be right in the middle and while I'm praying I'll peek and see Tricia motion for Buddy to get in the huddle. I guess she thinks that Buddy needs a protecting prayer too...LOL!!

We never realize how important this little "ritual" can be. We pray every morning and nothing happens. No one get hurt and Tricia comes home from school still in one piece. Then one day the very thing you prayed about happens.

Yesterday Tricia was playing in the park during after school reading. When they get done with their work they can play. Tricia was playing with a boy who threw a rock and hit her in the face just below her eye. The boy didn't mean to do it and wasn't even aiming for her. She just happened to be in the way of the rock. Thank God for His protection. The rock didn't hit her eyeball and she just had some blood shot in that eye. This morning a little of the red was still there but nothing to worry about.

Then one day this week while playing ball at PE, the ball went out onto Gomez which is the main road past the school. People drive very fast on this road and children have been hit before. When the ball went into the road, who do you think went to rescue it??? Tricia!! She ran over to the road, stopped and looked behind her, not up and down the road, and then ran out to get the ball. Once again, God's protecting hand at work. She didn't get hit and very well could have. I talked very firmly to her that she was not to go into the road for any reason. Tell a grownup!!

Do I regret all the times we have "huddled" for prayer. Never!!! I know God's protecting hands are on my children and every single prayer is worth the time and effort. I believe we will continue to pray and trust our lives into HIS hands!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here!!!

I'm so happy to see some "very little signs" of Fall here in the deep!! We have longed for some cooler weather since April. It seems to have been an overly warm summer. The last few days have been so much cooler. Now to get some sweater weather and we'll be in business.

School is going great. Tricia is doing so good. She is now reading books all by herself and she is lovin it. I'm finding her more and more sitting in her room or on the couch with a book in her hand. She is definitely going to be more like me than Tom. I loved reading but hated math. I see the same traits in her. She is getting along with her classmates well and she loves her teacher. It sure helps mommy's state of mind when I know she is happy at school. We started her in an after school reading program M-W-F afternoons. She likes going to this too.

Katie is growing like a weed. Literally!! She is wearing a 5T in a lot of her dresses. She is not fat just growing tall. I can't seem to find clothes that are long enough. I guess this is a good thing except for the fact that my baby is growing up. She's not my baby anymore she keeps telling!! Her hair is down to her butt now. I can't get over that. Tom commented one day that her hair was too big for her!!

The Singing Tree is off to a great start. We are practicing every Monday evening and starting this Sunday we will start on tree music as well as Sanctuary music. I love singing in the choir. This evening I was offered a part in a church trio. I was so honored and gladly said yes. We will sing for the first time on the evening of October 25th.

Tom is working hard and I'm working every cleaning job I can get my hands on. We are saving all we can to go home for Christmas. We haven't been home for 2 years so this is going to be an exciting trip.

Buddy is doing wonderful. He lost some weight when we first got him and then we started him out on a good dog food. He is now the right weight and so glossy. There is no smell!! When you walk into our house you do not smell dog. I think we chose the right food for him. He is loving being here with the girls. They love him too. I must admit, I'm a little partial!!

Well, enjoy your fall days. All you northerners collect some leaves for me. I would love to see some of fall this year but that will have to wait until next year.

God bless and thanks for stopping by. We are so blessed!!!