Friday, July 18, 2008

Anyone need a recipe????

I read an article one time about a lady who detested her mother's cook book. She complained as a young girl how messy the book seemed to be and wondered often how her mother found anything. Her mother would always say that she new exactly where every recipe was in her cook book. As the young girl got older and out on her own, she vowed her cook book and recipes would never be in as sad a shape as her mothers. Then one day she decided to take inventory of her recipes and cook books and to her amazement her recipes were just as messy as her mothers had been. She soon realized how cherished her mothers recipes had been even though they were in a very disorganized mess and she decided that a messy recipe book could still produce a wonderful meal the same as an organized one.

I guess you could say that I have kind of been like the young woman in the story. My mom always kept her recipes in a box. I thought they were awfully messy but I loved to open the box and just smell the inside. Call it weird, but I love the way that box smelled. Just the other day I went to moms and asked her if she still had the same recipe box and she said yes. I took it down from the top cabinet and opened it up to take a deep long sniff. It still smelled the same. Wonderful!! I snapped some pictures so you could see...

You could always find her recipes in this disarray. How on earth does she find anything in that box?? Then Tom decided I needed a new drawer in the bottom of my cabinet and I had to pull everything out. I was really shocked at the amount of cook books I had accumulated over the years. I don't even know what is inside most of these cook books.
This is the book I use the most. When I want a recipe I go to this book and open it up to all of the many loose recipes that are in it. Every time I get a recipe I just open the book and throw in the paper. I never dreamed it would be this messy and I'm always vowing to clean it up and type all of those recipes onto nice 5x7 cards. I just never seem to get the time.
I guess it really doesn't matter what shape or disarray a recipe book gets into as long as you are satisfied with it. The book that my loose recipes are in is an old church cook book that I bought at a bake sale in Ohio. It has several recipes in it that I love to make and as you can see it is full of all kinds of loose recipes too. It's so fat you can't lay it down but what every thing starts to fall out of it. I love to open the book and just sift through the pages and imagine what each recipe taste's like. If you like to cook you know what I mean.
So take out your recipes and cook books and just take some time to look through them. You'll be amazed what you can find.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


If you read and saw the pictures in my previous blog about Tricia burning up some Ramon Noodles in my microwave then you will know what is coming next.

Does any one know how to get the smoke smell out of my house? I'm washing the curtains, the microwave is now on the porch, I have all of my goblets down ready for the dish washer (they were above the micro) and I've washed the cabinets on that side of the kitchen. I can't stand the stench anymore. If you have a good idea or have had a similar problem and have an answer please pass it on. I'm desparate.

My microwave is on the car port patio and I heated a bowl of water and vinegar in it as goolge suggested. I left it in there to steam. When I opened the back door to go check on it you could smell the micro all over the carport. I may have to take up an offering to get a new

Please let me know if you have a solution. Thanks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have learned my lesson. Never allow a child to cook unsupervised. It was an accident actually. Patricia was in the swimming pool with a friend and I walked across the street to my sisters house. I told Tricia where I was going and that I would be right back. "Don't go in the house" I said to her. I was at my sisters for about 15 minutes and when I left, I was met by my mother who was coming to find me. She was frowning and looking very serious. I asked her what was wrong. She said that Tricia had almost burned the house down. She had gone in the house and after getting dressed from the pool proceeded to fix herself some noodles. She did not get enough water in them and this is what we found...

This is what remained of the noodles. She said she put them on for 3 minutes, but it had to have been for longer. The smell was horrid.

The bottom of the bowl was melted almost through. It's a wonder my house is still standing. The microwave may never come clean again. The smell is really bad when you get near it.

I amaze myself at the smart things I do. I never dreamed she would try to make noodles. And she knew where I was but when she panicked, she ran for grandma who lives the next street over. She came with another sister and you know the rest. I may have to buy a new microwave. How can one person be so dumb. I'm talking about me not my daughter. Don't cry over spilled milk...RIGHT!!