Saturday, August 30, 2008

We need your prayers!!

Last night my husband and our oldest daughter along with our good friends three boys made a trip to town. They went to meet Brian the boys dad and then they all went to Wal-Mart. After having shopped for a while they were finally ready to leave. Patricia asked if she could ride with Brian and the boys home. Tom said yes and she went to ride with them. Something must have side tracked her because the boys left without her. Tom thinking that Tricia was with Brian left as well and headed home. He went to Brian's to pick her up only to discover that she wasn't with Brian. Tom came rushing home in a panic, yelled he was headed back to Wal-Mart and for me to call the store. I immediately called the store stating that it was an emergency and management answered right away. I told them that Tricia was there and the manager quickly told me that they had found her and they were keeping her safe with them until Tom could arrive.

When Tom got there the police had been called and there were four of them there. They called me right before Tom arrived and wanted to know where he was. I told them that he should be there any minute and they proceeded to inform me that Tom was going to jail for child neglect. I panicked!! They told me to get there fast and to have Brian come too. I called Pastor Loper who beat me there and was waiting in the store for me. When I got there, they were ready to handcuff Tom and take him to jail right on the spot. Tricia had been found wondering around in the parking lot by two teen girls. They brought her in the store to management. It was after 10:00 p.m. and there are a lot of drunks and pedophiles who live in the woods around the store. I can only tell you how thankful I am for those two girls whom the Lord used to protect Patricia.

When Brian got there the police questioned him again. Brian told them that the whole think was an accident. Each father thought Tricia was with the other father and it was a total accident that she was left behind. He also told the police that if Tom had to go to jail they would take him also. They were both at fault for the mess up. This really impressed the officer who then spoke with our pastor. He came and told Tom that he would not have to go to jail right then because he first of all believed in the "man of cloth" and was impressed with Brian's testimony. But that is not the end of the story.

The report was sent to the State Attorney's office and he will have to review it. He will have a lot more questions for us before he makes his decisions. Tom could still go to jail unless the Attorney's office throws it out of court. WE ARE PRAYING FOR HIM TO THROW THIS OUT!! We really need help in prayer that God would direct the Attorney's office in the right action and see that this was just an innocent accident by two very good fathers.

Our other problem is that Pastor Loper believes that the Children's Services will be called in to come and visit us. They will want to questions Patricia about her home life and care and about what happened last night. We are praying that God will intervene and that Child Services will not come. We have nothing to hide and our girls are very well cared for. They hardly ever get spanked. We know that sometimes Children's Services will twist questions to make a child answer in their favor. It has happened so many times before resulting in children being removed from homes when it should have never happened. We are scared and worried.

We are confident that God will take care of this situation but we also believe that the more people praying on our behalf can only help us. We are so afraid of what could happen and only the Lord can work this out. WILL YOU HELP US PRAY??? We need the Lord's help.

Thank you for reading this cry for help and for your prayers. God bless.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to a new blogger

My sister just recently started a blog on blogspot. Her name is Brenda and you can visit her page here. I know she would love to here from you. She just recently became a Christian and has really been trying to do what is right. You can see it in her dress and the way she conducts herself. She has been smoke free now for about a month and the Lord is graciously helping her daily. When we are newborn in Christ we take "baby" steps. This is where Brenda is but she is growing and I know that you will keep her in your prayers. She is going to sing in the Singing Christmas Tree which is a large production that our church puts on each year at Christmas. Brenda is so excited that our Pastor was willing to let her be involved and I know that this will help here tremendously as she searches out the paths the Lord would have her take.

So stop by and leave her a word of encouragement. We all need that from time to time and Brenda's time is now. Thanks for your prayers.

God bless.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I want to live there!!

We have this neighbor who is an awesome lady. She has a light house in her front yard and had always wanted a doll house under the light house. She finally had her dream come true and put one under the lighthouse. It is unbelievable. Patricia is fascinated with it as is most anyone who sees it. My sister took some pictures. Mind you that these are tiny rooms but this lady found all kinds of things to decorate with and fill the rooms in her little house. Take a look...

Tonight I drove by the little house and there was a light on inside and you could see in each room. The light had a blue tint to it and it really was cool looking. If your ever in the neighborhood stop by and take a look.

See ya.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School is here!!

Finally the waiting is over. Tricia was so excited to be able to go to school. Monday morning I woke her bright and early and took her to kindergarten. Tom took the morning off from work so that he could go too. I really did not know how she would react when we got there because when we went to Kindergarten registration, she was so backwards and wouldn't participate in any of the activities. She was like a leach clinging to me and I worried all the summer long about our first day. I started talking to her about all of the fun she would get to have and the new things she would learn. When I took her to class Monday, she went right in and her teacher helped her find her cubby for her book bag and shes. Then we found her chair and she sat and looked at books until time for class to start. She loves to play in the park and when she found out they would go there everyday for playtime, she was overjoyed. For some reason she is equally excited about going to the cafeteria for lunch. I'm not sure why.

I took some pictures but for some reason my camera is giving me fits. A lot of them came out blurry. GRRrrrrr!! I will post the ones that were the best. We missed school today because of Tropical Storm Fay, but we hope to be on track Wednesday. Pray that this storm won't become a hurricane as it looks like it will swing out over the Atlantic and then back into Florida for a third landfall. We can still get the winds and rain if it would become a hurricane and I think that 7in. of water is plenty for now. Plus we don't want to miss any more school.

Here are some of the pictures I took...

When I went to pick Tricia up I asked her how she had liked her first day of school. She said "It was so good, I really had a good time." I'm just praying that she will continue to love school and really work hard at learning. That would make me "pleased as punch"!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rulers,pencils,backpacks,uniforms and shoes...Shcools here!!

It's so hard to believe that my little girl is going to kindergarten this year. I don't have any baby pictures scanned into the computer yet so this is the youngest picture I have. Tricia is around 20 months here. And now she is going to school. Monday is the first day and I am so excited for her. She keeps asking me if she can go to school in the morning. I have to tell her not this morning but Monday morning. I don't know who is more excited...her or me!!

I took her to an air show when we first moved here. She is in the cock-pit of a plane in this picture. She was so afraid of the planes overhead and she still has a fear of loud planes. She finally overcame the fear of helicopters. I hope she can soon go back to the air show and enjoy it.

Tricia will be going to Hobe Sound Christian Academy this year and they have uniforms. I will get pictures of her on Monday in her uniform. We didn't really have a lot of school shopping because of the uniforms but we did have to get shoes. Her shoes have to be brown or black. I found these at Payless (the only shoe store to shop for great bargains) and she loved them. We are just hoping the little pink stripes will pass. If not we have to go hunting again. The were only $12.99 so we still have a great bargain and she can wear them for play if she can't wear them to school.
Then my husband had is heart set on a great pair of Sketcher's he wanted her to have. They were at Rack Room Shoes and cost about $40.00. He had seen them a few weeks back and showed them to Tricia. She really liked them too. But when we went to get them, she found these. Tom could not persuade her to change her mind. Not even the Sketcher's in What girl would turn down pink?? Anyway, she wanted these. That suited me fine since they were $14.99 instead of $40.00. Just another bargain the Lord helped us to find. And I think these are a nicer looking shoe than the other one's were. So she's happy and Momma's happy. The only thing we lack are tissues and hand sanitizer and that may have to wait until next week. I don't intend to shop today and those weren't on the list when I did her school shopping earlier. I will have to take them in next week sometime. I'll need a box of tissues for my self too as I'm sure I will be doing plenty of crying. My baby girl is growing up...boohoo!!