Thursday, February 21, 2008

Way too soon

I'm sure not ready for the comments my daughter makes. They just flow out of her mouth like water over a rock. She doesn't even think about what she is saying.

Today we were watching Dance War on and one of the teams was performing. Patricia was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden she says:

"Mommy I really like those boys and girls. They are soooooo lovely!"

I laughed til I about fell off the chair. Oh the innocence of children. They are so much fun.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bragging rights!!

"My heart is stirred
When ere I think of Jesus"
My heart is stirred and bubbling over. We just ended a wonderful camp and the Lord has been so close and real to us. I have been so encouraged in Him and drawn so much closer. The preacher's outpreached themselves and just about out voiced themselves too.
Rev. Marc Sankey lost his voice and we had special prayer that the Lord would touch him and Praise the Lord, he was able to finish out camp.
Rev. Benny Durr came from Cincinnati Ohio, just an ole country boy who grew up in Louisianna, but he preached like he was in heaven sitting at the feet of Jesus. I've never heard such inspiring and yet soul searching preaching for a while. He was so blessed one night that he laid over the pulpit and just cried like a baby. The Lord was so strong in the services and people moved. The alters were lined several times with young people and old people alike seeking a closer walk with the Lord.
I entitled this blog "Bragging rights" and here's why:
I promised the Lord that I would attend every service I could if I could just be free during camp. I want to give Him all the Praise because He helped me and I was able to attend almost all of the services. Patricia was in all but one of the youth services. I thank the Lord that He helped me to do this. Katie went in the nursery on Sunday for both services and I was able to listen without interruptions and I am just bubbling over!!
That's why I have "Bragging rights." Maybe that isn't a top priority for you and that is your choice, but for me and my house, we are going to serve the Lord. Come what may, whatever the devil wants to throw our way, I am DETERMINED that I am going to heaven.
God didn't promise us that we would have an easy road to follow. As a matter of fact He told us that we would be persecuted and made a mockery of. He said that we would be set apart and the world would know that we are different.
However, He promised grace and mercy. He promised to never leave us or forsake us. In time of trouble He would be there to help us through it. He promised that He would guide us and help us on this journey to heaven. That should encourage all of us who want to serve Him!!
I had to do some praying myself and ask for forgiveness for some things in my life. Praise His Name I can report VICTORY IN MY SOUL!! One area that He has been talking to me about is my prayer life. I am not consistant like I need to be. I promised Him that I was going to do better and with His help I will do better!!
I don't know about you my friends, but I don't want to go to hell. Hell is a real place. The devil is just waiting to pluck you and I out and drag us down to that awful place. We better be seeking the Lord while we can. We better be walking in all of the light that He shines in our pathway and if He says "Don't do that" we better obey. He is going to come agian, and when He does, I want to be ready.
Are you ready to meet Jesus?? Have your sins been washed in the blood?? Do you know Him in a personal way?? He's not off in a corner of heaven just watching letting us make our mistakes and fall down. We don't answer to ourselves. We answer to Almighty God. He will judge His people and I want to be found ready and forgiven walking as close to Him as I can.
If you don't know Him you can. John 3:16 says the He loves the whole world and that whosoever would come to Him would not perish but have everlasting life!!
What a promise!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Her trusty steed!

One thing is for certain. In all our lives we must have transportation of some kind. Whether we like to fly, boat, train, bicycle, roller blade, kyak, bus or whatever way you like to get around, we all know that transportation is a means of getting to wherever we want to go.

Patricia's birthday is coming up and her "trusty steed" has had a few minor issues lately. We've replaced the tires 2-3 times as well as the intertubes and we are on the second horn (a must for a 5 yr. old) and the seat is continously turning sideways. The handlebar covers are in bad shape and the fringes of ribbon long gone. Her basket came off a long time ago and we never got around to replacing it. Not to mention that she is getting so tall and the current bike is a 16in. So it was time for a new one.

With her birthday coming up, we were trying to think what we could get her when my mom asked if she needed a new bike. Tom thought she could use one especially considering the condition of the current one. Mom told Tom to shop around and to get with her and they would go and get a new bike.

Tom went to the Village Bike Shop in HS and we found this bike...

The neat thing about this one is it is alluminum. In Florida metal tends to rust. It doesn't take long for that to happen. So Tom was determined that the next bike would be alluminum to prevent it from rusting. Patricia picked out the color and the bike shop put it together. She picked out a 20in bike and didn't have any trouble at all getting on it and taking off. The not-so-neat thing about it was the price. It was a little more pricey than I thought we should pay, but Mom wanted her to have it so we pitched in along with her Grandparents from Ohio and bought the bike. We gave it to her early so that the Ohio GP's could see it too.

The main thing is she is happy and has been every where on it. The hardest thing for her to get used to was the brake on the handlebar. Once she got the hang of it she was off riding into the sunset on her "trusty steed."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

What a week. The first week of my new job was hectic. But I think I am learning the job. I am the Office Administrator for a company called Safety & Boot Center. We sell all kinds of safety equipment for road workers, fire departments, Utilities and more. Most of our sales are in contracts for large quantities of merchandise. My job is to assist the owner and make sure that he finishes whatever tasks he has to do. I'm learning more each day and I think that I will really like it once I get settled in.

My first week was learning who everyone was and what department they work in. Then I had to get an office cleaned out and ready for me. My new boss is a really nice guy but he's a little messy and so I had to clean up a lot of stuff from him. But it will be part of my job so I will have to get used to it.

My first assignment for a customer was to find a pair of pants for him. That person happened to be my dear husband. When Tom called in to order them, the boss man brought it to me and asked me to research it and order them. I was a little nervous but I was able to do the job and get the right pair of pants ordered. It sounds so simple but if you saw all of the different product we carry you would understand. Their are hundreds of types of pants to choose from. You have thousands of magazines (distributors) that you have to go through to find just the right product.

The really neat thing about my job is that the owner is a Christian man and so the office is a very clean envioronment to work in. He doesn't allow bad language or dirty jokes. He wants a clean work area and I truly appreciated that. I think that I am going to fit in fine.

On a second note not to change the subject or anything, but camp is wonderful!!! I have been so encouraged and inspired to be a better Child of the King than ever before. The speaker for the first night was Marc Sankey. He spoke about our spiritual alarm clocks and how so many of us are hitting the snooze and going right back to sleep spiritually. I have not been able to get away from that thought. What if I am doing that?? What if it takes a great tragedy for the Lord to get me to wake up and pay attention?? I don't want that to happen. I want to be alert and awake so that whatever comes my way I can be in the spiritual condition to pray. We never know when that time may come and the time for the Lord's return is so close at hand. I want to be ready.

The other emphasis that has been so strong is on prayer. We have heard so much on prayer. The only way we are going to get to heaven is if we pray. Talking to the Lord about every single thing in our life. He wants to be our dearest friend and He longs to hear from us and to commune with us. It doesn't matter what the reason is He just wants to hear us. I have had to realize that I don't pray enough. Will my children grow up to know me as a praying mom?? Will I be able to pray with someone if they would ask me too?? I need to grow stronger in this area and pray as much as I can. I know we can't be down on our knees 24-7 every week, but we need that time alone when we get with God and talk to Him without interuptions. We need to tell Him all about our hopes and dreams, our sorrows and burdens, our financial troubles and our sicknesses, our lost loved ones and how much we love Him. He said He would answer our prayers if only we would ask.

"God help me to do better in this area. Help me to pray more and to love You more!!"

I'm encouraged and I'm looking forward to more food for my soul throughout this next week.

I don't know when I will be back on here. My In-Laws are here and we are going to camp everyday so we are pretty busy. I'll try to give you an update later in the week.

Until then, God bless.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I don't think sooooo!!!!!

If my husband had his way, which he does not and will not, he would have one of these thingy's. He loves anything that will go fast!! He complains all the time about my Taho because it just doesn't get up and go like he wants it to. For me (the granny driver of the century) it's perfect. Not so with Tom.

He has asked me on several occasions if I would mind if he got a motorcycle. I very sweetly reply that he can have one when he doubles his life insurance. He stops asking.

Now if he were to condsider one of these thingy's, I might consider. This would be more my style. Three wheels instead of two. I wouldn't have to worry about the thing falling over. How cool is that?? Does any body own one of these??

Kid in training

Patricia used to be so afraid of the four wheeler until this past Christmas. She went on a ride with her daddy and he took her all over the farm. She was so excited she screamed the whole ride. Her daddy is an outdoorsman and loves nothing better than to be on one of these machines going as fast as he can. Unfortunately, this was the only day he was able to ride because he had an accident and hurt his back. We were so worried but God touched him. He just didn't get to take anymore wild rides. Such a!!

Close Encounter!!

This is a face you gotta love!! Patricia was having fun trying to feed this guy at a park we went to this past summer. He was at least 18' tall. Isn't he cute???

Miss Priss!!

I love this picture of Patricia because she looks so innocent. And I think the hat is very becoming. She wanted to try some different hats on when we went to the mall and I couldn't resist snapping this picture.
Patricia turns five this month. She is getting so big and soon will be off to school. I will miss her terribly!! She wants to have a party and so I am trying to get ready for the big day. I'll blog more on her birthday after we have her party.
Thanks for stopping by.