Friday, November 30, 2007

An Ornamental Night

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes all kinds of fun nights with dinners and games. Last night was no exception. We had what is termed a "WOW" Christmas Dinner...Women of Worth. It was really a nice evening.
Every lady was to bring a wrapped ornament to exchange and an auction item. The cost was $10.00 for a catered dinner. The menu was:

Rotisserie Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Cesar Salad
Fabulous bread with butter
Creamy Cranberry Sauce
Chocolate Cake, some kind of Pumpkin Spice Pie, and I think a Strawberry cake

The deserts were individual servings and were made so delicately. Everything was so good!!

The ladies in charge did a skit about shoppers who were not showing the Christmas spirit along with some Christmas songs by a ladies trio who were sisters. There was a game for everyone to play about Christmas carols and then the exchange of ornaments.

The lady in charge read a story about a boy named Right and every time she said the word "right, left or across" then you passed your ornament in the correct direction. Our table only had 6 ladies and so we were kind of spread out, but we made it work. I was not able to get to the store to pick up an ornament, so my friend Jen picked one up for me. It was already wrapped so I didn't know what it was. At the end of the story I was the only one at the table with the same ornament that I had "brought." I kept it and it was a Mosaic bulb. Very pretty.

Mrs. Duren had a devotional that was inspiring and then they had the auction. I didn't participate in that part, but everyone seemed pleased with what they had bought.

It was a wonderful night and a great way to start off the Christmas season. Tonight there will be a play by the High school kids and tomorrow the Christmas parade. Tomorrow night there is another auction with a Christmas Concert. Things are NEVER dull around here that's for sure!!

Here is a picture of my ornament. I brought it home and Patricia "oohhed and aahhed" over it and then put it on the tree for me. She is such a big helper.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless.


Monday, November 19, 2007


Thanksgiving is Thursday and my menu is all ready for me to start cooking. This year we have about 30 people coming to the house and weather permitting we will have a wonderful outdoor meal just like the pilgrims of old did. I'm excited about the fun and food that we will get to enjoy. The weather does look promising.

Now to bake and cook and clean. Lucky for me I have two bathrooms - one at each entrance to the house. Maybe the traffic will not flow through the rest of the house and I won't have too big a mess to clean up afterwords.

Later on that night plans are to make home made ice cream and start a fire in the outdoor fire place. My sister Sue has one and it will be just cool enough to enjoy the warmth while we eat ice cream. YUMMY!!

I hope everyone of you, my friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We have so much to be thankful for. Just the freedom that we all share in America is enough to be thankful for. Here is a video that was sent to me that you might want to see. Be sure to turn on your speakers to hear the music. This is amazing!!


P.S. I will be sharing the cooking with my family and friends. Didn't want anyone to think that I am super woman or

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you Father!!

Have you ever noticed that when Fall hits everyone begins to think about the holidays.

1. What to get the kids for Halloween.
2. What will you wear for trick or treat night.
3. What kind of candy and decorations will you have.

Then we go right into Christmas. Not the really true Christmas but the totally commercial Christmas. People are scurrying around trying to find the best present for each other and see who can outdo the other decorating their homes with lights and blow up decorations. We hunt for Santa Clause and all of his reindeer, we look for Frosty and the Grinch. We start partying and celebrating long before Christmas ever gets here.

Did you ever notice when you go into Walmart that Christmas comes out around September. Even the music is Christmas. We plow on full speed ahead and never stop to think that just maybe we ought to take time out to thank God for our Spiritual freedom that we have in Christ.

You don't see any big advertisements for Thanksgiving. You may find some table decorations for your dinner, but no thanksgiving music. No signs anywhere announcing this holiday. Some people even take away the name "Thanksgiving" and call it "Turkey Day" or whatever disrespectful name they can think of. Do you know why this is?

It's because we have become a thankless nation unless a crisis happens. Let the Twin Towers Fall, or Hurricane Katrina come and tare up New Orleans. Let a plane fall out of the sky with hundreds of people on board, or let a bomb go off in Washington. Then we begin to be thankful.

Shame on us!! We live in America where we are FREE to worship whatever God we choose, FREE to walk our streets without fear, FREE to go to Sunday School with out persecution, FREE to pick the education we think best for our children.

All because some pilgrims who wanted the freedom to serve God as they chose, were brave enough to leave a country that forbid it and make their way across the water to a land where they could be FREE. They suffered all kinds of sickness and death on the treacherous journey and then fought the elements of a strange land when they arrived on these shores. They met strangers they had never seen before who gave them instruction and encouragement to make it through that first horrible year.

Because of their thankfulness for freedom to serve God, they set aside a week for Thanksgiving. Not just a day. They celebrated with "everyone" not just the people they thought were popular or stylish. The were so thankful to be FREE that they were willing to take the time to be thankful.

Now you may think that I do not like the other holidays but your WRONG!! I love all of the holidays that celebrate our country and the freedom we all share. I just have a real problem when Thanksgiving is forgotten.

Please take time out this next week to be Thankful for the FREEDOM we have. Don't wait until Thanksgiving Day to show a thankful spirit. Start today. We are so privileged!! Let's show God and our Country that WE ARE THANKFUL!!

God bless you.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is to say "Thank You" to all of our military for the dedication and sacrifice you have made for America.

because of your
sacrifice for us. Words cannot express how much you mean to us.

Our prayer is that God will protect you and keep you safe. That He will guide you and encourage you with strength to keep your Homelands safe from harm.

I salute you!!

I received this link today which allows you to send a thank you to a soldier. Click here and send a thank you for the freedom that we share here in America.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Today my hubby turned 31. He is not longer "just 30". You know, on the edge, not quite in there. Now he has jumped in and is on his way to 40. I remember turning 31. I was fine with 30. I cried when I turned 31. It was like now I'm in there and there's no turning back to the twenties.

I took him to the airshow today. We had wonderful weather. Not a cloud in the sky and such a nice breeze. I think the temp was around 75. My face is very sunburned but of course Tom tanned. He always does. We saw some really cool planes and of course the Veterans were honored today. It was a nice day and I had fun. I think Tom did too.

Sunday night after church we are having family over for cake and ice cream. Actually, Tom wants a cheese cake with raspberry topping. I am going to make them tomorrow afternoon and add some chips and sandwiches to it. Simple but good.

Hope you had a great day today. Thanks for stopping by and God bless.