Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Ugly Ducklings!!

My daughter has this infatuation with shoes. We can't go into a store but what she has to try on shoes. Big shoes, little shoes, spike shoes,boots - you name it, the child has to try them on. I guess this is a natural desire for her considering she is a girl, but I always cringe inside when we pass the shoe department at Wal-Mart because I know what is going to follow. "Mommy please let me see the shoes!!" and then off we go waiting for each shoe to be tried and discarded. When she finds the pair she likes, and if they are not too expensive, she usually wears them around the store. Someday she is going to be showing me her new shoes in jail where I will be for shoplifting. Maybe not. I just know that I dread going by the shoe department for all of the above reasons.

Lately I have been having some foot problems. My right heel especially has been hurting me on a steady basis. I became concerned and so started a search on the Internet. I thought maybe I have heel spurs, but with out a doctors agreement I really didn't know what was causing me so much pain. My sister Sue was having similar problems and told me about a shoe she found that she thought would help me. I googled them and found these shoes:

I must say these are definitely "UGLY DUCKLINGS"!! They are called Crocks Rx and are made specifically for people who have heel spurs and other similar problems. There are 3 kinds:

1. Relief - These are for the heel spurs and so on.

2. Cloud - These are for diabetics and the pair that I received.

3. Silver Cloud - These are for really bad diabetics.

I'm not real sure what the difference is between the 3, but I know that my feet are not hurting nearly like they were. I'm wearing them continuously. The sales man assured me that I would see a big difference in my feet by wearing them. I was thrilled!! No more sore heels. The sad part is the attitude of my very astute daughter. Patricia Ann informed that these were very "UGLY" and she wanted a pair. So off to Wal-Mart we went (because they are cheaper by $35.00) and we found them in a beautiful pink. Not only did we find them in Patricia's size but in Katie's size too. I'll be posting some pictures to collaborate this story :):)

Now for all of you women out there who say you would never be caught "dead" in a pair of those, let me assure you, I thought the same as you until my heels started aching. I was so thrilled with these shoes I wore them the entire day. Now my heels don't seem to be hurting quite as bad and I'm not limping like I was. While in Wal-Mart, Patricia was showing off her shoes to different children she would see and bragging on how pretty she thought they were. We came to this man and his daughter and once again she showed them her new shoes. She then proceeded to yell at me and said "Hey Mom, do you still have on your ugly shoes?" Oh were is a hole in the floor when you need one... She's still alive and I'm still wearing the "ugly" shoes. Thanks for dropping by!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Creations

I am not very computer savvy so my blog probably doesn't look as good as some, but I have had a lot of fun with this blog. I had a friend to come over last night and she showed me how to do a lot more with it. Thank God for friends who are smarter than me :):) So maybe in the future I can have a better page than I had before.

This week has been a little slower in that I have not worked as many hours as I usually do. My boss has moved our office into another building and so I took a couple days off to be with the girls. It is always great to be home and not have to get out of my nightgown unto noon!! :):) Don't tell my husband. He would never let me live that one down. :D Mostly I have been trying to catch up on housework and taking care of the girls. They are the light of my life. I had my children late in life (if you can call 35 late) and so I am going to have them with me into the "golden years"!! What joy!! I am so looking forward to watching them grow and mature into what God wants them to be. I never thought I would be so privileged and yet God saw fit to bestow the honor of "Mother" on me. THANK YOU FATHER FOR YOUR LOVE!!

Fall is just around the corner. I always start feeling nostalgic when the seasons change. Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. I look forward to all of the holidays and family gatherings and I start feeling all relaxed and just want to hug everyone. (If you don't want a hug, stay a safe distance!! :D)

I thought I would include this picture and wet every one's appetite. I hope that it worked. God bless each of you as we enter into the end of the Summer Season and start into a brand new one. I know that I will blessed drinking in all of the beauty God has created around me. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer in a nutshell (a really small one)

We are currently in the "last" days of summer. It has been a fast summer. Thank God it has been a "storm free" summer. Until now. Which incidentally is not unusual. We usually don't have any major storms until Fall gets here. BTW, we now have Dean out there creating havoc for all the folks in the Caribbean. I hope and pray that he stays in the water and doesn't come ashore any where. He is really BIG!! I guess we will just have to wait and see what the Lord has in store for us. "Lord, You know that we don't need this storm."

Well let me see. We have had some adventures this summer. Just to name a few:

  1. We have played with snakes. (a corn snake found in the Barbie Jeep)

  2. We have gone swimming and just about that is!!

  3. We have been to the Lagoon in Jupiter. Patricia really had a blast there.

  4. Katie has learned to roll over, sit up, and is starting to crawl, pull hair and pinch...ouch!!

  5. Tom has switched positions at work to become a Foreman.

  6. My computer crashed and I fixed it (talk about brainy????)

  7. And it has been HOT!!!!!

Thank God cooler weather is just around the corner. College classes begin next Thursday, the Academy starts on Monday and things are starting to get really busy again. We always look forward to the kids returning and their participation in the church. It can get a little boring here in the summer. But when Fall gets here, everything gets crazy again. If you want to see what all the church and school do just go to or to the college website at You will find a challenging work going on here in our little community. I can't wait for Patricia to become part of all of the excitement.

Well that has been summer in a nutshell straight from the "nut" herself. Glad you took time to stop by. See you online next time.

Here are some pictures from Easter to date. My girls are growing do fast. On the left Katie had just woke up. Below, Tom and Patricia Easter Sunday.

This was taken at Easter this past year. We were at a friends house for an Easter Egg hunt and Patricia decided to take it easy. Wish it could have been me!! :):)

My sister Brenda recently moved here and this was taken on a Sunday morning about three weeks ago. Katie had a cold and was so congested that I decided not to take her that morning. Brenda stopped by to see the girls and I took this picture. Bren had left an abusive relationship and has since then given her heart to Jesus. She has stopped smoking and is doing wonderful. I'm so proud of her.

Miss Katie just hangin around. She thought this was fun. Tom was getting the full benefit of all the slobbers. HeHeHe!!

This is my little bucket head girl. Patricia is 4 and will be going to preschool this year. She is really excited. She went for part of a year last year and really had a lot of fun. She learned alot of things and I am looking forward to this year. She is 49 pounds and 46 inches tall. Pretty big girl for a 4 yr. old. She is the apple of my eye. We have such a close bond. I enjoy her more each day as she grows and we can share more with each other. My beautiful green eyed girl!!

Me thinks that the baby is growing up too fast!! She is holding her own bottle now and sitting in her high chair like a big girl. She loves to eat anything I can feed her and I have a mesh that I can put fresh fruit in . She can chew to her little hearts content and she doesn't choke on any loose or big peices. Pretty cool invention!!

Katie is ready to swim. She is getting so big. I haven't put her in the pool yet, but I'm sure if she is like her sister she will be a fish. We are having so much fun going to the beach and swimming. Some of my friends have invited us to their pools and we have really enjoyed that. Soon Katie can go. Mommy's too chicken to let her go now.

So hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

The fun days are almost over

We are drawing near to the end of Summer and before you know it we will be singing "Jingle-Bells." I know for some of us that is a morbid thought. You just have to think positive about all of the money you will spend and be glad you will make someone smile!! NOT!! ( I pause here to insert this little message "I DO NOT LIKE TO SHOP!!") There! Do you get my drift?? Which means that when such holidays come around that a gift is due, I cringe inside, bite my nails, pull my hair out, and almost go into spasms!! I would rather clean house than shop!! But as I am a mother of 2, wife of 1, daughter and sibling, I must do my duty no matter how hard the task may seem. :):):)

There, that should have broke the ice. Now we can really get into some great topics. Such as kids!! I have neglected to post pictures due to the fact that 1. I have been really busy 2. I have been really busy (did I say that already??) 3. Well, there really isn't a number three. I have just been LAZY and neglectful with this blog.

So I am just letting you know that I have posted some pictures and you can see how big my girls are getting and how beautiful their parents still are!!:):):) Just kidding. :P

Thanks for stopping by the blog of the insane. May God bless you!!!