Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting settled in....I think :):)

The move is finally over...except for some things in the attic and shed. My parents moved into our old house so there is no rush to get those last few items out. You never know how much junk you own until you move. It's amazing what you collect. We had stuff we had never used. Things that were just bought because "we might need this" and we never needed it. The one thing I want to try to do is to NOT fill this house with extra things. I know it happens every time you go to a bigger place, but I am going to strive to keep things simple and clutter free. I'll let you know in a few months how things look.

Tricia loves having her own room. Katie does not care who's name is on the door she goes in and makes herself at home regardless. Keeping up with her is a full time job. Tricia wants her room done in horses. We found a really nice comforter set online and we are going to get it this week. Her room is pink and purple. She has a really pretty horse border and her grandma got her a string of horse lights. There are several different kinds of horses and they all light up. She has them strung all around her desk. Once we get the bedding done then we will move onto curtains. My sister makes curtains and she is going to make some for both of the girls.

Katie has a small room (big enough for her) that is kind of in the middle of the back of the house. You walk through her room to get to the back family/play/laundry room. With her being so little it doesn't bother her to have traffic going through her room. She is hardly in there except to sleep. She lives in Tricia's room creating messes. Her bed has Dora on it. We have not had the time or money to do much with her room. The walls are in camouflage because there was a boy in that room who liked the outdoorsy kind of look. It is wall papered and I haven't found the paper I want to replace it with. Tom loves it. He doesn't want me to change it. I keep reminding him that Katie is a little girl not a boy. Right now the color of her walls doesn't mean a hill of beans to her. That's the only reason I'm getting away with not doing anything with her room just yet.

We have been so long with out carpet that it is weird and nice to have carpet again. Our room and the back room are both carpeted. We had them cleaned so they look pretty good. It's nice to walk on soft carpet rather than hard tile. Although, we have plenty of tile too. I wanted my room to be painted because the color on two of the walls was a brown. It was kind of dark and not exactly my taste. We painted it a rose blossom. It's actually more of a dark Salmon color. I only painted two walls and the other walls are creme. It looks pretty good with my dark furniture.

We finally got some of the wall stuff up. I have two wood shelf sets that hang on the wall. I'll get some pictures for you to see them. Tom put the shelf up on the wall with the rest of the set and I put some stuff on it just to get it out of the way until I knew what to do with it. The brackets on the back of the shelf broke and the whole thing fell to the tile floor. Thank God, nothing broke. As soon as I get the brackets put back on I can get it hung back up. I'm anxious to get done so I can snap some pictures to show you.

The laundry was on the back porch. We have seen too many rusted out washers/dryers because they are out in the weather all of the time. We did not want that to happen to ours because they are really expensive to replace. Tom said they could set inside with a little work and some adjustments to the electrical wire. He finally got the job done and I can now do laundry here instead of the laundry mat. So much easier.

Well, I will hopefully have some pictures soon to upload. If you live in the local area and you run across some area rugs, I would like to have a large one for the living room. They are so expensive to buy. I need probably a 5x8. Sometimes you can find them at yard sale's and such. Just email me with a location if you see one. I have been looking.

Now on to more important thing like sleep...zzzzzzzz....See ya. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My word, my word!!

Things are crazy around here and that's no lie. We are moving to a new place and this week has been busy to say the least. We had been watching the housing around here waiting for a bigger place to move to. If you are at all familiar with Hobe Sound you know that there are not a lot of homes with three bedrooms. Finally one opened up but it was with the college and not Seabreeze Community. We prayed and figured our budget then prayed some more...then figured our budget again. We finally determined that we could indeed make the move.

The house needed some painting done and the carpet in the MB cleaned. We are finishing up the painting tonight and hoping to do cleanup in the morning. Then we move. I hate moving. It's so tedious trying to get everything packed and then you have to unpack as soon as you get to the new place. It's never ending. However, we are really excited about moving this time. We are gaining a third bedroom and a family room. We won't be using it as a family room right now because we need some storage space until we get a building. We will also be putting our washer and dryer in there temporarily until we can get the back porch closed in. For those of you who live in the great North, it's not uncommon to see the laundry room on the back porch here. The weather doesn't get cold enough to freeze the washer up so in small communities people use the back porch for laundry. The bad side to that is they will rust really fast. That's the reason we are going to put them in the house instead of the back porch.

The girls are so excited. Katie doesn't really know what is going on. Her Aunt Becky lived in this house before us and Katie still connects Becky with the house. She thinks Aunt Becky should still be there. It's too funny. Tricia is looking forward to her own room. We pained it pink and purple. She wanted those colors. They look really good together. She has Dora bedding and I think they will match perfectly. Katie wants Blues Clues in her room but I can't find it. Not even on eBay. That's weird.

Well, just a little update from me to you. If you don't hear from me for a while you'll know why. I don't know when I will have my Internet back up at the new place. When I get back up and running I'll try to post some pictures of the new place. In the meantime, if you feel like moving some furniture out yonder way, come on over.