Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A few new pictures of the girls and our family.  Enjoy!!

Summer is finally here!!  YEAH!!!  We are enjoying every moment of warmth and sunshine.  The garden is growing.  I have already canned 14 qts. of beans and picked several squash.  The potatoes are not really big but boy are they good!!  We are anxiously waiting for the tomatoes and cucumbers to ripen.  I am so hungry for cumber salad.  All in good time.

Swimming has been on the girls mind lately.  I guess when you're hot that's the best thing to  So everyday it's "Mom can we swim today?"  Most of the time it's ok.  We also utilize the library a lot.  We just finished the summer reading program.  They finished out the program with the Madcap Puppets.  Very funny and refreshing. 

Hay season is here again.  I say that because we have just gone from 2-3 weeks of rain to very hot, dry weather.  We weren't sure about getting the hay in but God has given us a beautiful week to get it done.  So, every night the hubby is on the tractor.  I think he has done about 150 round bales this week. 

My husband recently blessed our home with yet another dog.  He came home a couple weeks ago with a Miniature Dachshund.  His name is Rambo and he is so cute.  We are having a blast with him.  Buddy and Baxter have finally given their approval for Rambo to be  It was touch & go at first.  Baxter seemed to be very jealous but now he's pretty cool with another dog.  Buddy is so laid back he's like "whatever." 

Well, I'll try to blog some more later.  My youngest is asking to play Nick Jr. so I must keep her happy.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  School will be here before we know it.  God is good!!!  He is good all the time!!!!  Trust Him today!!