Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My husband has a new horse.  Her name is Tropical Dancer and she is a retired racehorse.  She was "winded" or whatever it's called when she would try to race so she had to stop.  Tom brought her home with no idea the extent of her energy.  We kept her in the barn in a fairly nice stall and worked on the pasture fence so that we could turn her lose in it.  She was used to board fence and our fence was barbwire.  Tom put up bright orange ribbon all the way around the fence so that Tropical could see it and not run into the wire. 

When the time came we let her out and put her in the field.  Tom walked her around a few times and let her see the ribbon and the new fence.  She seemed to be ok so he let her go on her own.  She suddenly took off at a dead run and ran down the back part of the fence going all the way to the ground.  When she finally got up she slowly turned and started to stagger back away from the fence.  Tom called to her and she slowly moved towards him.  She didn't falter in her step but knew that Tom would help her if she came to him.  She was hurt on her face; cut pretty bad, so we had to have her stitched up and of course she had to go back in her stall.  We were so thankful that there was no more damage because she could have lost her eyesight or broken some bones.

All this made us reflect upon our lives and the love of our Savior.  How many times have we "took" off at a dead run into something completely new to us without regard to how much we may be hurt or hurt others.  We thought it was "ok" to forge ahead when in reality God really wanted us to wait a bit and be patient.  It's in these moments that we "get up" and listen for His voice so we can "stagger" back to Him.  He heals our wounds and showers us with His love so that we can start out again.  Sometimes those wounds leave scars for us to look back on why it happened and how we can change the outcome.

I'm so thankful for my loving, heavenly Father who picks me up when I fall...and I fall a lot!!  He never has failed me!!!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this story it was beautiful and so true there has been a lot that happened in my life, and sometimes it hurts but when my boyfriend and I were having problems I left I wasn't interested in being in a bad relationship, but then for some reason some how we got back together and got married and had a beautiful baby and now I couldn't imagen my lie w/o eirhter 1 of them thank you so much for this blog I love it!!!!!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Anonymous, you are truly welcome. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I give all the praise to Jesus for it truly is through Him that I can write this page. I hope to be an encouragement to every one. God bless you!!

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